Can't grant easy access


Please help. I am unable to grant easy access (through Unattended Access) on one of my computers. I get the box saying "Authentication required" as shown in the picture. The problem is that I am unable to enter the correct password. This password seem to be different from the one for my account that I just used to sign in to my account. Any ideas on how to reset the password I need to enter to be able to grant easy access?


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    Hi @DanG2023,

    Thank you for raising this question about Option password with us!

    Option password is about the additional layer for protecting your definedTeamViewer settings from change from others. This password can be used for the same password or a different password from the TeamViewer account. You may find out information from the reading below:

    If you would like to reset the Option password for any reason, kindly try to Uninstall TeamViewer with remove all settings please.

    Afterwards, install TeamViewer and then Easy Access should be fine to complete as expectedly.

    Let me know how you go with the uninstallation and the easy access setup and I hope you are fine with it!



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