Windows app automatically starts maximized, can't get it to close to tray

dioshy Posts: 9 ✭✭

Hello. I have TeamViewer version 15.38.3 (64-bit) running on a Windows 11 version 22H2. On my TeamViewer, I have checked the option to "Start TeamViewer with Windows" and also the option to "Close to tray menu" (although the checkbox is checked, it is grayed out).

Every time that I boot my machine, TeamViewer opens automatically (as I have set it to), but in full screen and it sits there in the foreground. How can I get TeamViewer to automatically open on boot, but closed to tray, as it did with version 14 and prior? Closing the app to tray manually works fine, it is just the automatic close at system startup.



  • Ford1
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    Its been a fault within the teamviewer software for a number of versions as well as on Windows 10. At this point in time there have not been any indication by Teamviewer that this is to be fixed anytime soon. You could try some of the workaround methods that others have suggested, but they are not always successful.

  • Brad_at_CNC_Auto
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    I also have this issue on my Surface Book 3. The issue was present in Windows 10 and has continued after the migration to Windows 11. I have tried all the "work-arounds", but none have worked.

    Never had this on my older Windows 7 workstation and it is still operational running TV 15.39.6. Always starts in the background (minimized to the Tray menu). It is really aggravating to have to dismiss that FULL-SCREEN TeamViewer screen after starting my computer.