MFA authentication no longer working with yubikey


Hello. Up until today, I had MFA enabled for my account using my yubikey as the MFA device, and it was working fine up until today. Today, when I tried to authenticate to Teamviewer using the code generated by my yubikey, Teamviewer rejected the code as not valid every time. This was happening across all of my devices as well: the code didn't work when I tried to login to the teamviewer client on my phone, on my desktop, or in a browser. THankfully, I was able to gain access to my account thanks to the recovery code, and I tried removing MFA and then setting it up with my yubikey again. However, I am not able to do this successfully: I am able to scan the QR code and get the account setup in my yubikey, but when I supply the code generated by my yubikey to teamviewer in an attempt to enable MFA, teamviewer, once again, rejects the code, saying it is invalid. I have tried to configure MFA with my yubikey 5 times now, and I keep running into this problem. Interestingly enough, I downloaded a MFA authenticator app on my phone (Authy) and tried setting up MFA for teamviewer using the authenticator app on my phone, and it worked first try. It is clear that something has happened that has broken teamviwer's ability to use a yubikey for MFA, so it would be great if you could look into this and fix it. Thanks.


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    Hi @whiggs,

    Thank you for sharing your question with us in the TeamViewer Community!

    From my search and understanding of Yubikey, it is a hardware authentication device that is not yet supported by TeamViewer.

    We highly recommend linking Two Factor Authentication with a supported Authentication app and the full list is available in the following article:

    We may also confirm with you that Authy is one of the supported authentication apps and we encourage you to use it all the time with the TeamViewer account.

    Hope the information above answers the question!

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