Allow TeamViewer access at BIOS level with VPRO Technology

glenwms1 Posts: 1

I would love to be able to remotely connect to a computer via TeamViewer at the BIOS level before Windows loads. I know this is possible with Intel's VPRO technology, but I really want TeamViewer to implement this feature.

We have tons of users with BIOS issues that could easily be resolved with this.

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  • JeremyZaretski_Vrstl

    The ability to remotely interact with a device from the instant that it is powered on could certainly be useful for performing certain tasks like starting remote system diagnostics, performing network booting, and remote OS installation.

    This would have to be something that one should have to opt into due to the potential security implications of having an additional* means by which a nefarious remote actor might interact with a device.

    *Additional with respect to the Intel Management Engine, the AMD Platform Security Processor, and all of the other low-level firmware and hardware backdoors that cannot be turned off.