Teamviewer for Mac suddenly crashing

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Teamviewer for Mac is suddenly crashing immediately after opening. I see the black dot underneath the Teamviewer icon in the Dock for a second, then it crashes. I'm not getting an error message; it simply won't stay open.

I don't know which version I'm using as I can't get into the program, but I uninstalled it and reinstalled from a fresh download, so I assume it's the newest version.

Has anyone else experienced this? If Support monitors this board, could someone please help me?

Thank you.



  • MikeLang
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    Yes, I have this problem... Way too often actually.

    • M1 Max on an Apple Studio
    • M2 MacBook Pro
    • iMac with i5...

    Only way to temporarily fix is to REBOOT... Logging off doesn't fix the issue; force closing all the task doesn't fix the issue...

    Such a pain.