TeamViewer Asset Management&Monitoring Black Screens

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Good morning, I have a question.

For some reason TeamViewer Asset Management&Monitoring uses up to 500 MB of RAM on individual machines and produces completely random blackscreens. But only on maybe 3 machines out of 100, I wonder what the reason could be. As soon as I turn it off again, the blackscreens stop. On most computers the idle consumption is about 40MB.

Does anyone have a solution for this or a similar problem?



  • Mi6MIT
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    Bandwidth management and adapter settings? New boards/machines have much improved adapters and your settings might not be at what you expect it to be. Common video input settings include VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, Input, and Source.  Ensure your external display is set to the current port. For example, if you’re using a DisplayPort connection to an external display, that display must be set to recognize DisplayPort as the video input signal.

    1: Power reset your external display

    2: Check the video input settings

    3: Check the port version setting on the external display

    4: Duplicate or extend your display on the external screen

    5: Check the video cables

    6: Check the display adapter

    7: Change the supported resolution and refresh rates

    8. Try the adapter on a different external display

    9. Clear your display cache

    Press the Windows logo key  + on your keyboard, then select what you want to do according to the following table:

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