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TV support **bleep** ?!?!?!?!?!

As your clients you have to respect and work with and for us !!

You are doing nothing from the above. You are closing support cases as you want just using polite way to tell us to get away (don`t want to use the real words for this). You can`t close case you have done nothing to resolve with answer that we are not responding because we responded and recieved NOTHING!

Your support tool is colecting so much personal info so you just can rename it to INFO COLLECTOR TOOL not support.

We want you to resolve our issues other ways we are going to proceed with looyers and because you are selling in EU and we are EU company we gonna rise your attitude to the CPC and search their help to consider are you doing enought or you are eligable for penalty! We have very strong proofs for your lies. 

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