Rearrange Tabs and "remerge" Tabs

Josh_B Posts: 9 ✭✭

Currently the Tabs for TeamViewer are not very well thought through. It happens a lot that when switching through several Tabs, that at some point you "pull out" a Tab. Meaning you disconnect that Tab into a new window. From this point on it is impossible to bring it back into the main window. Just like you can do on your browser. This is super annoying.

Also it would be great if we were able to rearrange the tabs just like in a browser. So grabbing one tab and pulling it to the front or the back.

This would immensly help and improve productivity.

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  • Jorgen_DC23

    Yeees please! I also think this very annoying 🙄 when you accidently grabs a tab and you get two windows instead of one... 😣seems VERY logical to be able to bring them toghether again...😉

    Looking forward for an update of this 👍️

  • TeeC
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    edited October 2023

    This is ridiculous that TeamViewer didn't implement this when they introduced the half -**bleep** tabs option.

    This is just another demonstration of how naive and incompetent the UI/UX development team a TeamViewer are. I'm genuinely disgusted at the lack basics in the UX/UI.

    Every other tabbed interface software allows you to move the tabs around. You can pull the tab off into a new window, and merge it back into the same original window, or another tabbed window. I'm quite sure this has been requested since tabs were first introduced and has gone nowhere.

  • MethylOrange
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    Happens daily to me. Have to disconnect and reconnect to put them back into 1 window. Merge needs to work like every other mature application

  • Gert_TickCad
    Gert_TickCad Posts: 1

    Yes, please. I am working in support and using Teamviewer all day.