Drag file on remote to another screen remote not working?

I am trying to drag files (PDF's, emails, attachments, etc.) from my second screen to my first screen all through remote access and it stops at the edge of the screen rather than flowing to the intended screen. This is not related to the "file transfer" features that TeamViewer offers, I am not looking to transfer files from remote to local or vice versa. I am only interested in dragging and dropping all within remote access on my work PC.



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    Hi @kyrandersn,

    We're happy to read your first post in our Community! 🎉

    After running some internal tests to reproduce your use case, we have a few tips to share according to your setup!

    • If your local device has only one monitor: the easiest way to drag and drop a file on the remote side would be to view both monitors at once. You can select that view in the remote toolbar as shown below:

    You will be able to drag and drop all the files you want from one screen to another.

    • If your local device has two monitors:
      1. Check the remote monitors' order in the Windows settings (Settings Display). This will help you determine on which side (left or right) you must go when dropping the file on the other monitor.
      2. On your local device, you need to view the monitors individually, to have two different tabs, and then place the tabs in the same order as the remote side (e.g. the left remote monitor has to be shown on your left local monitor, the same thing for the right side).

    💡 Hint: When you drag the file, even if the file icon seems stuck at the side of the screen, once you drop it, it will be on the other screen.

    I hope that I understood correctly your use case and that you understood my explanation 😄

    If not, please come back to us for any clarification!

    Have a great day,


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