Feature Request: Remote PC app start from macOS

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Hi Teamviewer

Long time parallels user, but now switched to mac/PC joint venture through Teamviewer.

It's is great with the dedicated speed of the PC, and i've forgot how good Teamviewer is.

But i do have a minor workflow request:

When Teamviewer is running, and i'm connected to my remote PC - is it possible to have "Teamviewer" listed under "open with" in macOS Finder right-click menu?

I imagine Teamviewer then sends the command to open the specific app and the file.

This would of course only work when the same folder and file is shared through a synced cloud-storage. I'm using dropbox.

Screenshot example below.

A Dialux Evo file (Lighting calculation software app) which then opens Dialux Evo, and fetches the project-file, opening it in the remote client. 🤞🦄

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  • JeremyZaretski_Vrstl

    You want TeamViewer to transfer the local file to the remote client so that the remote client can open it?