TeamViewer Remote: It’s time for a new view!



  • stucoh
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    What a **bleep** of a redesign! I just spent 1.5 hours trying to connect to my 91 year old Mom's computer. Do you know how cranky a 91 year old Mom can get at 10pm? Used to be so easy. Connect to her ID and she gives me her password and bam I am connected to her computer.

    All I got was "Connection Blocked" and "Must sign up for a FREE account". Ok I sign up for an account, verify through email and login but still receive the same 2 popups. So I tell my Mom to sign up , try to walk her through the sign up process over the phone . Finally get that accomplished and have her login to TV and I still get the same 2 popups. **bleep**?

    Seriously, does any human actually test these so called upgrades before releasing to the public. What a **bleep**!

    Mom is frustrated, son is extremely frustrated and now spending hours on the internet and this support forum to only find out it's not me!

    Time to find a new product for sure!

  • Xavi3324
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    I have been trying to add new computers to a TeamViewer portal on my main computer by setting a standard password on the host machine and typing it in on my TeamViewer. The only way I'm able to add the machine to the portal and not have to enter the standard password every time I try to connect is via the web management console and not the actual application. It makes the jobs of the IT techs way more complicated than it should be. The older UI kept it simple enough where we did not have to worry about inputting the password every time we try to connect to user's computer.

    If anyone faced this same problem and came up with a solution, please share.

  • Wildsprite
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    I totally appreciate your enthusiasm about this however, what I do not understand is why Teamviewer needed to replace their perfectly good interface just to add links. This makes no sense and the new interface is just awful. I also do not understand the belief that taking away transfer queues from the free license is a good idea. taking away features generally makes you look bad to your userbase which could be potential customers. someone mentioned not being able to set permanent passwords anymore, this is also a bad idea. in the end all you are really doing with this update is alienating us. some of us were potential customers and others are existing customers considering their alternatives now. Please be aware I am fairly adept and can configure alternatives others would have trouble with and I'm considering that as of this moment. I would like to see Teamviewer fix this mess before it is too late. losing commercial customers is just bad.

  • Melcom
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    I can't connect to the desktop application on my PC. When connecting to the account, it says: Account login error. So I have to shamefully use the WEB application. Why. I'm paying for a pro product and I got a failed Beta test. Please do something about it. There is a flood of new products on the market. I have the Premium version from one PC, I can't log in to multiple PCs at the same time. What did you do? It was such a simple system.

  • peterketteridge
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    I have been using teamviewer for I think 15 years and the new interface is so dissapointing and frustrating to use, I have to travel 3 hours to a customer site on Monday becasue they cant get Teamviewer working or supply me with an ID and password so I can remote in and configure the workstation. Honestly it is a joke that I have to travel to isntall remote access software so I can then drive back to my office and setup the workstation.

    Why would you even do this to what was a great product? I dont understand why you would attempt to completely destroy your customer business. I have 100's of remote machines that I manage and have just recently paid for licensing I have about 8 months now to find and deploy a new remote access tool. I have already logged a ticket to downgrade my license to one user and one channel and next renewal.

    Teamviewer have a solid customer base but now it appears you have alienated almost all of us, every single comment in here on the new interface is negative, why would you do this????