The new UI is horrible...

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I've installed Teamviewer version 15.41.7 this morning to test the hopefully fixed high CPU usage.

I didn't expect a new UI coming, but wow, is this bad.

  • extremely unresponsive and slow
  • new session feature hardly working (also because of the performance issues)
  • hard to read, chaotic design
  • buttons shown to users that don't have access to the option (i.e. Usermanagement)
  • "Disable Teamviewer shutdown" policy preventing switch to old design
  • policies not updated to hide new options
  • msedgewebview2.exe skyrocketing in terms of Memory usage (450MB+) and constant CPU usage (10%+)

Tried it on my company Laptop (i7 10610u, 32GB Ram, with our company policy) as well as home PC (i5 13600k, 32GB Ram, without any policy). Both running really really terrible.

Also checked with a colleague and he's having the same issues.



  • AndreB85
    AndreB85 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    The Host client doesn't seem to have the new UI. So why are you not using the Host client on machines that do not make use of the Remote control feature (which requires a license in a business context anyway).

    Can't really say anything about the fixed passwords, since we are not using it.

    Teamviewer also implemented a change now that disables the new design for Tensor licenses. However it's also not very well implemented yet... Once you log in you'll have the new design. However after restarting the software the old design will be shown and the option to change the design is hidden.

  • LomaxAH
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    Have to back you up here. Just updated and pretty much turned it off immediately. Yeup, this is pretty much what I came to expect from a "modern" UI/UX. Anything actually useful is hidden away in hard to find places, nothing is intuative and is basically there to up-sell you instead of let you use the system. Horrible all round.

  • TonyValenti
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    Does anyone know of a registry key that can disable the new UI?

  • littleQ
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    I play some p2p games with my friends by using its vpn,but I cant find the vpn now

  • sipher
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    This is a horrible update.

    We should be able to disable the new-UI through the Management Console.

    How are users supposed to share their ID if they can no longer see the ID?

    When a user gets a new motherboard and the ID changes, how are they supposed to get the new ID to share with their IT person (me)?

    What team evaluated this update and what operational requirement was being met by choosing to remove basic functionality in order to (seemingly) bulk up registered user stats.

    It's never been required to have users of the device that is being monitored, create and utilize a Teamviewer account. I am not ok with this change and would not have approved it if asked for feedback.

  • Frogtlarson
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    I have serious concerns as Uninstaller does not remove the malfunctioning new UI. I found with person working on remote computer cannot force the software to factory. No remote unattended access!

  • AndreB85
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    edited May 2023

    While I really disagree with the new design/client (hence I've created the thread), I don't really get the issue the majority is facing.

    It seems like most complains are regarding finding the TeamViewer ID. However if you are using the correct Teamviewer version for it's purpose, that's not really a problem.

    The new design is only applicable to the FullClient. However that client is only needed if you want to initiate connections (give support). You may just install the Host client to all PCs you are giving support to and they will still find the old design (with ID and password shown) and won't be required to login into an account. Also you can set a fixed password there etc. As far as I know the only part that is missing is the possibility to create connections to other PCs.

    I partly also understand their choice to make an account a requirement for the FullClient. If you are using the free version of TeamViewer, having an account really is a minor thing to do compared to what the software offers you. And if you are using it in a business context, you may have an account anyway which you login to. And it's easier now for them to identify Free users that use TV in a business context, which is against their ToS.

    So while I'm not trying to defend TeamViewer in any way, you should probably check their other clients (Host if you want a service to be running all the time, or even QuickConnect)

  • JonathanRamirez
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    edited May 2023

    We have Edge blocked on our system. Is anyone else getting this error?

    Can the new interface work without Edge?

  • alewis-pr
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    Agreed, the redesign is horrible and should be sent back to the developers to try again.

  • aticspa
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    As sometimes happens that it's useful I like the most to install the full version so you're telling me now I have to compromise: make it simplier or get mad about helping. You're so **bleep** wron and so it's Teamviewer but I've got their message they want to punish the ones who are lurking without paying but the same way they are punishing the ones like me has a Corporate licence. It will come the time when I will have to renew the subscription and the salesman is going to have a surprise he would not like. I'm pretty aware they had this into their calculation. I will go someone will come. Bye bye Teamviewer. You're free to change I'm free to leave. It will be painful and I will not come back.

  • Bodul
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    I've been a licensed user for almost ten years, and for the last year, I have been seriously considering changing to some other software. This UI is horrible, and it might speed up my decision to move, but there were also a lot of other small things that accumulated over the past year, that really annoyed me.

    Anyway, if I have to reinstall the host version of Teamviewer for all of my users, so that I would be able to connect to them, I will install something else instead.

    P.S. For the last 10 years I was never annoyed so much that I wanted to post on the forum, today, after seeing this UI, I am seriously annoyed.

    Rant over :)

  • Gilbe2003
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    Does not have any function now

    Totally usless

    Want to install on a customer PC and setup unatended access