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Like a lot of people, the new version of TeamViewer that has appeared today has caught us by surprise.

I am now being told all our devices need updated by the full client install, however when I go to the Manual Update page to do some tests... the page reports I don't have a single device that is updateable. Almost all devices are setup with the Host, but even the few devices with the full client aren't showing. The devices are online, registered to our company and at least some of them are already on the new version.

I can't see much in the way of documentation that talks about the use of host instead of full client. Is it just the case you don't support host only install??




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    Everything changed this week and started working, despite the version installed on the end-points being the same. I assume there was a bug on the page or on our tenant.

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    @PCL-Stephen This is the article I found:

    Update your devices - TeamViewer Support

    I don't think its been plainly explained anywhere. We've got clients that are running the correct versions but still cant be updated. I think it's more than a versioning thing. Perhaps, we have too many local admins applying policies to certain groups and thats why we see half of our clients updated and the other half not - but then its not really about the version.

    I dont know why they wouldnt just force this "update" on the back-end. It's making it look like we have to manually touch all these clients that didn't update and for reasons I still cant understand.

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    I think my biggest problem now is the lack of documentation, everything relates to "legacy".

    I see we can assign computers to more than one device group. How does that affect policy assignments for example. We have different patch management deployment groups across one group of computers. It looks like that won't be possible now, but maybe we are supposed to use nested device groups? It's just not clear.

    We are part way through 'updating', so not yet at the finalise stage.

    Maybe it is just me, but it certainly seems like they rushed this out before preparing customers or having a clear fully ready support section so we know what we are doing rather than guessing.