Very bad GUI!

Great experience with the new version!

To activate teamviewer remote control I had to make my client use another remote control system!

I really congratulate those who have studied the new interface.

THANK YOU for the humiliation!


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    I haven't had the opportunity to experience dealing with the actual interface because I can't establish a connection without re-authenticating.

    Forcing an established connection to reauthenticate is broken. I have remote installations hundreds of miles away, making it difficult to re-establish a trusting relationship with the new interface. Will TV pay for the extra cost, labor, the grief of re-establishing authentication, and the unexpected impact on current schedules? I highly doubt it. Thanks for breaking the software and making my life a living **bleep**. Thankfully I could revert. What happens when you force the new interface?

    In light of my concerns, I will look for an alternative, more cost-effective, and less troublesome solution.

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    Hi @RedInformatica, @AeonIT and @gtai,

    Thank you for your messages!

    Could you be a little more specific and tell me what issues you are facing with the new interface?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    The new interface is awful. To simply connect to a remote agent usign teamviewer ID and password takes longer, when you are doing over a 100 a day, this becomes boring quickly.

    Also, it looks terrible. Far too much white space, gives me a bad headache. Plus getting the user to click a link via there email to connect... what genius thought that one up? What if they cant get access to their machine and need our assistance, what if they dont have email access. What if they dont see the email until 4 hours later when the technician has gone home.

    Its a disgrace. The company i work for pays a lot of money for it and it looks like they will be exploring other options now, well done.

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    Hi @DeanRSK,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    If the end-user doesn't have access to their e-mail inbox but has the TeamViewer full client installed, you can share with them the session code via chat or any of your preferred communication methods.

    Then, the end-user can simply join the session by entering the session code in the Get help section in the start screen:

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'll be happy to help you further.


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