New version is horrible... considering alternatives.



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    So I did a lot of **bleep** above, but the Asset Management section in the new full client is looking nicer.

    TV, you have a long way to go but bringing functionality out of the web sites to the full client is appreciated.

    Now 64bit Host, customizable columns, condensed console view, customizable remote control screen toolbars, ... and backup and android device support migrated to new version, please.

  • FreddyN
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    Very seldom do I ever comment on forums but in this case it is necessary.

    The new interface is absolutely terrible, nothing is coherent. I have been using TV for at least 10 years and this is a complete nightmare.

    Nothing is logical. It's not apparent how to create, save or connect to users. With the old interface everything is laid out in an ergonomical manner, it's obvious where you have to do things... Why change that ?

    The new software has been designed by Web Designers and not TV support staff... It is an utter shambles.

    The interface is not constant, as though different teams were used to design different element and did not speak to each other during the process..

    The Home page : What purpose does it actually serve ? Add a Photo, is this a joke ?

    Tele-assistance : Why would this take précédence over Devices.. The majority of people using this are support staff not users.

    Devices : Why is there not "star"/add direct to favorites" button as there was in the previous interface, it is "extremely " useful when dealing with a company full of contacts.

    I had a use give me his ID Yesterday, the new interface showed that the user was not available, I connect to the old interface and every was fine... Reconnect to the new and the user was not available. This is completely unacceptable, the frustration for both the user and myself is unbearable. I can understand that new software has bugs, but when the main function does not work then some other thinking has to be done..

    I hate giving negative remarks on software but this is just impossible not to do. Please, please, please give the software to people who actually provide support and let them debug the ergonomics etc before pushing this out.. The design leader needs to be replaced by someone that actually used the software... This is an example of a solution looking for a problem...

    Please remove this "alpha" testing until some serious thought has been put into the design...

    The old interface works what possible reason is there for changing it.. If it's financial then you will lose your customer base...

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    @FreddyN thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. You don't have to feel bad to sharing negative feedback about the new interface. In fact, we are very grateful for it. This helps us improving and addressing customer pain points to our respective teams.

    What I can take from the feedback:

    • You want to have the Device tab before the Remote Support tab, as you need it more often.
    • You would like to have the ability to "add devices as favourite".
    • You don't see the need for the current Home page.
      • What would you like to have in a Home page, given that they will be one?

    Could you to go even a little more into detail what you don't like, or in which direction you would like to see the new interface developing? The more we have concrete feedback, the more we can cluster it and address it to our teams.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support!

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  • joloriquelme
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    Cancel this disaster. Go back to the drawing board and start from the scratch.

    And only tweak UI.

    This kind of "reinvention" for sure damaged your business. I am not renewing TeamViewer for another period.

  • vtxchris
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognizes the disaster TeamViewer has become. I've run my business off of this software since version 5, and after over a decade of being one of the most valuable tools I use it's become almost a detriment to doing business. Setting aside how bad the new UI is (I think that's been well covered in this thread), the software is becoming almost impossible to use. The performance is terrible, with persistent lag issues and frequent application crashes. Making connections is a crapshoot - probably 20% of the time a connection will time out - I have learned to just cancel the attempt and try again, as it usually works the 2nd time. At least once every month or two I'll get logged out and either can't get signed back in, or if I do my license isn't recognized and I have to just wait until the system decides to start working again. Clients are CONSTANTLY showing offline, even though they're not offline and I can actually still connect to them, meaning that I spend all day long dealing with pop-ups telling me a computer has come online even though it never went down in the first place - right now I'm actively connected to a server that is showing as offline in my list. I don't want to switch to different software but TeamViewer is just getting worse and you're leaving me little choice.

  • PH2345
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    [removed per Community Guidelines] but liked the stability of TeamViewer more (not as of late of course). [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • TheNetworkMAN
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    Loved the old team viewer. I am looking for alternative products for my team.

  • websafe
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    Same here!

  • Sadmatty
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    I too am exploring other platforms. The latest upgrades are horrible, the new interface stinks, can't get the patching to work and the system alerts (reporting) are inaccurate to what is displayed in the Dashboard.

    Teamviewer, I lost faith in your ability to provide IT with the tools needed to manage an environment - I'm out!!

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    Hi @LakeShore,

    I am happy to announce that the Host and the QuickSupport in 64-bit are now available! 🥳

    You can download them from our website here:

    Thank you for your trust and patience!


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  • LakeShore
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    Yes! I've been using it on 4 hosts for a bit now and it works great!

    Thanks for listening to our feedback!

    Now how do I automate upgrading all 32bit hosts to 64bit... hmmm ;)

  • dazinger92
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    Please, PLEASE, for anyone reading this. Just delete TeamViewer 15. Just go back to version 14. It is so, so much better. And if you want to be able to switch sides with partner on the free version (which I believe they removed a while ago) then go even further back than 14.

    My 1366x768 resolution (or whatever that goofy resolution actually is, I just put random numbers down) is larger because I Win+K myself my 4k TV as a second screen, but I only use 1080p resolution. The way that affects my Windows settings is that I need to scale the font/text/etc. through the Windows settings to make it appear large enough to have it readable on the TV when I am using that display.

    Naturally, these settings are going to be enabled on my account 24/7 no matter if I am using the external display or not. I end up having to deal with this on the browser I use by zooming out on websites and stuff. But besides that, everything else works exactly as intended.

    Until I tried to run TeamViewer 15 for the first time.

    My god, it was awful. I will show you guys what it looked like just for the comedy gold, but honestly I already reinstalled TV 14 at this point and I'm only willing to briefly reinstall TV 15 just for this epic photo. It looks like a five year old built the main menu UI.

    I don't even know where to begin with this image. But, basically, only two things are actually clickable: the "sign in" button and the "session code" box. Good luck trying to open settings, because it's literally hidden behind the white box. You can barely see a couple pixels of the gearbox icon to the right.

    And good luck trying to find your own session code. Because apparently, scrolling is not possible. I guess the kids making these apps are just so glued to their Tiktok accounts on their phone screen that they didn't even know scrolling is a thing on PCs.

  • TotalLoss
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    I only came here to say that the new version of TV is truly awful. When connecting to a user running TV QS it requires multiple abort connection presses before it'll allow connection using local administrative credentials on that machine. It clearly also doesn't play well if you are running a corporate VPN at the same time as I've seen that drop put on multiple occasions during the negotiation phase to a machine you are attempting to connect to. TV used to be a fantastic remote support product but this version really is a dumpster fire on many levels. Please roll back to the previous version :)

  • awefulinterface
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    I signed up just to say I absolutely HATE the new version. You ruined a perfectly good product. I am going elsewhere now. Your dev's and whoever approved this should be fired!