New UI is too complex



  • MatusCechvala
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    Why in the New interface, when I double-click on the name of a computer from my list on the LEFT SIDE of the screen, the Overview panel opens with information that is 99% of the time uninteresting to me, instead of connecting directly to the computer I clicked on and then I have to scroll across the full width to the RIGHT SIDE of the screen to press the "Connect" button at the other end... ?????

    It worked perfectly intuitively in the old interface - when I double-clicked, I was immediately connected! If I need another option, right-click and Properties work.

  • RogerC70
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    We use TeamViewer for ad-hoc support of both staff and customers. Suddenly facing the new interface when I had someone waiting for support was atrocious. I couldn't quickly figure it out and had to phone them instead.

    We pay TeamViewer thousands of dollars a year just to have it effectively disabled. It's brilliant that they want to develop their product, but such a big change to the interface and workflow all at once is not good.

    TeamViewer is an incredibly useful tool just like a hammer is. I don't expect that the next time I pick up a hammer that I'll suddenly have to watch videos and rework my workflow so that I can nail something together... I'd give up and use an alternative like glue. I don't want to be an expert in TeamViewer, I just need to use it. I'm looking for an alternative to TeamViewer, it's a pity I have only now renewed our annual subscription.

    Setting the UIVersion to 2 is the only way forward for us.

  • ParaskeviGK
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    I totally agree with all the previous posters.

    The Team-Viewer company needs to understand that half of users who operating the program are proficient, and the other half are low tech-knowledge. The new interface doubles the work of 50% of users and excludes the other 50% from use.

  • Support_Sean
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    I can appreciate all the efforts of the moderator in this conversation, as they're doing their best given the circumstances.

    That said, it is simply maddening that so much of the workflow changed so drastically with this update. The "change is hard" mantra does not absolve TeamViewer from responsibility since they are the ones that decided to introduce several major changes at once with this update. Some features are literally gone, regular features are in new locations, and there are multiple versions of the software (Host, QS) when a single program used to work fine.

    One major change with proper notice and documentation would have been an inconvenience, but I could deal with that. A change that effects my customers would have been a big deal, because we're talking about hundreds of people who have been doing the same thing for many years having to re-learn. But this much change in one version? Not only do we have have to retrain our clients on the new processes, we have to retrain ourselves and our technicians.

    A technician with years of experience using the previous UI will have no idea how to use TeamViewer the minute they see the new one. There are plenty of people saying it over and over here: as soon as I saw this UI I was unable to use it. I personally could not connect to my scheduled customer after this update. In searching for the answers I needed, I find the endless threads on this forum, Reddit, Twitter and elsewhere. These are not people resisting change, they're people who suddenly can't use your software finding each other, some of which are creating forum accounts for the first time ever to say this loud and clear:

    Don't change the basic workflow of your software if you want to keep your paying customers. UI updates should not require across the board training. Never force an update that means I have re-train hundreds of clients.

    I've used the new version and figured out how to do all the things I need. I still rolled back to the classic interface as it is more efficient, organized and reliable. The fact that TeamViewer would roll this out without understanding what a disruption it would cause has shaken my trust in this software.

    The only thing that is keeps me a paid customer is the ability to use the classic UI. I want to hear a clear announcement that the classic UI is here to stay or I'll be changing services before my renewal date.

  • FxDB
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    Its pathetic, the changes being made have had me looking elsewhere and I'm now frequently using **third-party product**  over my commercial licenced (£1k+ per year ) Teamviewer, because its actually simple to use like Teamviewer used to be, for my clients. Instead of this absolute nightmare they are pushing. Go figure!

  • JeanK
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    Hi all,

    With the release of [Windows] v15.43.6, we implemented the following accessibility improvements based on your feedback and the pain points you raised.

    The ID and password are now visible directly without any extra click when signed in.

    Therefore, the ID and password are now directly visible for both - users who are signed in and signed out.

    The settings are now available from the sign-in screen – via the gear icon.

    Connecting directly from the search bar is now possible by typing the remote participant's ID.

    Of course, not all the feedback has been implemented, but it doesn't mean it's not taken into consideration.

    Please keep raising your voice. All the posts are being reviewed and shared with the respective development and product teams.

    Your feedback is vital for understanding how we can improve the product and provide you with the best remote connectivity experience.

    Thanks a lot for all the feedback you provided so far, and thank you for all the great discussions we will have in the future.


    Community Manager

  • JaRoRi
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    I also agree. As soon as I want to change an alias name I'm not able to do it in the new UI. Sorry, but switched back to old UI and there it works absolutely fine.

  • JeanK
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    Hi @JaRoRi,

    If you have limited edit capabilities on devices with the new UI, it most probably means that you haven't migrated your devices to the new system yet. To do so, please read our article here: Update your devices


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  • bluehenve
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    wow, I've been searching for hours for the meeting feature, beeing a paying customer. Terrible experience loosing overview of all my meetings with this update, I must say.

  • mmatus
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    The new interface (desktop and web) are so badly designed, that we will quit our subscription if it is the only choice. Teamviewer is on a path to nowhere with these developments. :(((((((((((((((