Does the VPN utility still work in the free version of Team viewer?

Abel015 Posts: 1

I recently had to update team viewer to the new version, 15.41.9, since the VPN connection button stopped appearing in the one I had installed. The problem is that even though I installed the most recent version and I have the VPN driver correctly installed, it doesn't work for me. The button to start the connection appears on the interface as in previous versions, I already tried on two PCs with different operating systems (windows 10 and 11) and I can't find the button on any of them, I would like to know if this function was omitted and it will be there Available only for licensed versions or it should work even in the free version, regards.😔



  • Fernandaith
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    edited May 2023

    I have the paid version and I view the same thing in the new interface. I had paid teamviewer for the vpn tool. If they abandon that utility I will stop renewing my license