Bring back the old interface

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Bring back the old interface and WIPE THE NEW ONE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH !!!!!!!!!

This will bring you many satisfied customers both old and new.

What say you ?

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  • JoHocks
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    I totally agree.

    [removed per Community Guidelines] Hope that works it's supposed the work. As this fantastic new UI forces me to change most unattended computers I rather change product as well

  • iHateTeamviewerNow
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    I'd suggest removing all this registration nonsense as well, completely unnecessary and just a pointless frustration.

  • Raytel
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    At least take away the "And Improved" part on the encouragement to swap to the new one, It's a step backwards, it's still in beta and should be marked as such.

    How on earth you can launch an update that is unfinished and encourage people to use the new one as if it's going to be a better experience is asinine. Service queue only JUST appeared "Whoops a big feature from our last product isn't actually finished or implemented but please use our new interface for a BETTER experience." 🤡🤡🤡

  • Woodchuck
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    10000% agree. I forced myself to try and use the new version for the past 2-3 months, and I finally flipped the switch back to the Old Interface... and it was like seeing a long lost best friend. It was so refreshing.

    FYI - I'm a customer for 10+ years now, and have around 1000 PCs in my account that I manage. So I've been through all the changes over the years - and this interface change is THE WORST - bar none. It has slowed down the way I work entirely. This is the sort of change, if enforced, that would make me leave Teamviewer for a competitor. I take the interface and how it works for me very seriously. Thank goodness I can go back to the old interface for now.

    Because there are so many TERRIBLE QoL choices in the new interface. I would really like to talk to someone at Teamviewer about the new interface. Too many things to type out about. I would give you highly detailed comments if anyone wants to give me a ring.

    Let me know and I'll chat over the phone anytime.

  • TeeC
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    This IS being enforced!

    TeamViewer have stopped development of the old interface.

    The biggest problem is that TeamViewer are ignoring ALL comments that are not constructive. If it just says something like :

    "This **bleep**", "Bring back the old UI", etc. it will be ignored.

    Unfortunately as @Woodchuck said, "Too many things to type out about. "

    And I think this is a major issue for most users. We don't have the time to justify trying to make another company (TeamViewerr) better with feedback, when it's easier to find a new product. We're busy working in and on our own company.

  • AntonDobschensky
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    I'm not as critical as the others about the new interface but definitely share some of their concerns. I 2nd Woodchuck's comment about having a call to discuss in detail the issues.

  • Glasheen
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    I work with another contractor, each with our own license. Free lancing to small businesses to maintain and provide help desk. I understand the security risk in having fixed passwords. I am good with changing to just using the EZ access check. A little warning would have been nice so we wouldn't be scrambling to find answers when rolling out new machines. I tried the new interface and the "Properties" box where I hide the windows login's is gone. I had someone give me their TV id and I had to spend time trying to find where to enter it in to connect. I am back to the old interface. Now I am learning to use custom modules and host. Maybe I missed it, but the communication between TV and the tech customers who use their product was terrible on this. I am going to try to figure this out if only because I have 6 months left on this license and I am probably going to retire this year. I would love to see a little communication from TV on what has changed and why. Instead of me saying "Oh **bleep**, how do I do this now?'.

  • Ryan_O
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    The new UI isn't the only thing that stinks. I'm trying to bring our installers up to current (the last time these were made it still used the .tvopt file for everything and assigned it to a user with shared groups) and this new way of setting up the installers is half-baked and terrible. So many things missing from the policy settings, etc. The old way was simple: install → done. Apparently that's gone, some of it can be set by policy, but nothing seems to inherit, and you still have to assign managers, etc. etc. Hassle and kludge abound.