Has Unattended Access been removed from the New Software?

I can't see where I can set up unattended access on my remote PCs in the new teamviewer software. Has this been removed?

My use of TeamViewer is completely reliant on the ability to log into remote PCs that have no monitors , keyboards, mouse or local user access. My remote PCs live in a rack of equipment and provide a way fro me to manage the technology on each site from our office. If I now have to have someone at the remote end send me a session ID, I'm screwed...


  • Pavel_Ch
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    Hi, I have the same problem.

    How do I connect computers to my account for unattended access?

    I have customers that have issues finding TeamViewer and navigating around the new interface.

    Everything that worked for so many years is gone in a minute.

    Thank for help

  • GlennVoyzey
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    Yeah. If it has gone and not hidden in some new place, I'll be pretty upset. I've got a paid subscription renewed in January this year for a year and now cant use it.

  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @GlennVoyzey and @Pavel_Ch,

    Thank you for visiting the TeamViewer Community for help!

    We are sorry that the new words Remote Access have caused the confusion.

    TeamViewer Remote does offer Unattended Access, and you may complete the setup on the main interface with the following highlighted options.

    Then the prompts will ask you to complete the steps of Assign device to my accountand Start TeamViewer with System .

    Finally, a confirmation prompt about successfully setting up unattended access will display.

    Would you please try it and see if the new steps work on your devices?

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding the Remote Access with the TeamViewer account.



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  • GlennVoyzey
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    I'm not sure this is correct. When I log into the remote computer, switch on new interface, then the only options are sign in and join a session. None of these remote computers have sign in accounts. I've never needed this before with unattended access.

  • GlennVoyzey
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    I only wish to log into these computers from my nominated 3 computers.

  • GlennVoyzey
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    If I follow your instructions on the remote PC. I get this error below. This is due to the fact that I have a business account and only 3 nominated comuters can be used to sign in from. So the above solution offered by you doesn't work!

  • GlennVoyzey
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  • ITKonsultAS
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    I Have TW Premium license and you have removed uanttended accsess.. I have to set it up on ALL bleeping machines again.. WHY and how can you make these kind of changes that so deeply impacts our ability to help our customers??

    I see no set up unattended setup here..

    I cannot ask every user to set it up for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or did you think when changing this that this would be a great idea!?

    I am SO frustrated with you now

  • cheese62
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    I am with @ITKonsultAS on this point.

    Where we used to have the simple tick box to assign to our account this is no longer available. If fact, if you don't sign in there is nothing apart from requested support.

    For unattended access we don't actually have the computers "signed in" because we support multiple customers and if we signed in using our account then the would all have unattended access to each others computers - bad thing to happen.

    We need the vanilla, not logging in before that we can the assign to the account we need it assigned to. You know, how it was before it got broken 😪

  • matthews
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    We need this fixed with the old way of setting up unattended access. I cannot sign into all these machines with my account since I'm limited to 3 computers with my login. Some computers are not user-specific, so I cannot have users create a free TeamViewer account to grant me unattended access. Please fix and add back the old check box.

  • JustSumGuy
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    Thank you for your response however it did not help in our case at least.

    When we are deploying a new computer to our fleet we seem to need to log in as what I call a "control account" that inadvertently gives control access to the remote end users. If this is forgotten, we could easily end up with end users getting into other end users’ systems.

    What would you recommend as a procedure to deploy systems so that unattended access (Remote Access) is enabled without the risk of potentially allowing end users access they should not have? The way it was was almost perfect.

    Currently almost every person from my installers to my help desk to my end users are complaining.

    It is very doubtful we will be continuing with this product in its current form.

    Also what is with all the ‘bookmarked’ systems? 

    In short, how can we get back to what we had?

  • P3_WJ
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    This new version is bloody annoying and ridiculous.

    Not being able to access options without signing in on the client side is just mental.

  • GlennVoyzey
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    edited May 2023

    My hands are tied. I can no longer use Teamviewer. How can they change a product so radically when I've already paid for it for a year?

    Any one who is interested, I've been forced to look for an immediate solution, even though my TeamViewer Business account is paid up until Jan 2024. [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I will be looking for a refund for the unused months though.

    I'm thinking surely they know how many people this would impact, it must be on purpose.

  • JustSumGuy
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    I found how to go back to the old interface at least. Now my help desk staff are happier.

    Users can revert to the Old UI in the "Your Device settings" under "General".

  • Easytech
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    Any update on this? New version is awful.

  • RobertoY
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    I looks like developers didn´t know how TeamViewer have been used long time ago.

    For new installations is not possible change to old UI.

    Please fix this issue before many more of us leave.

  • justepic
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    I have been using TV for 15 years. I have weathered a few different iterations, the last terrible one being the move from a 1 time fee, to sub.

    Never Have I had an update cripple my use of a product. Never. Whoever pushed the button at TV to roll out this update needs to be fired immediately. I had over 1000 endpoints, nicely organized in groups and sub groups. Servicing clients was as simple as going to their group name, and clicking on the end point.

    We, not anymore. ALL of my endpoints are scattered into different groups, and psuedo groups. The TV tech support migrated all my endpoints in hopes it would fix my issue, and only half pulled into their new devices system. Now I have two sets of groups. And I can't eve tell why some are online or offline. I freshly install a unattended access, and the devices doesn't even show up, whereas the last version it would pop up immediately.

    I have invested in splashtop and NinjaONE. After 15 years I am cancelling my TV sub. Simple because, like many of you have mentioned, it is absolutely embarrassing having to go to clients to tell them to reinstall something they have already paid you to setup.

    I am beyond frustrated. YOU WERE A REMOTE SOFTWARE company. Stop trying to be other things without perfecting what your mission statement actually is.