Teamviewer app seems to be unsyncronized, WoL not working

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When I put my PC to sleep mode, the app shows that it is still online.

This is in addition to the problem of not being able to wake up the PC, after port forwarding has been set up correctly, with no firewall active to block ports. My PC has a static IP, with NetBIOS disabled. Power managment settings on the network card are all checked (in the Device manager). However, I did not see the "WoL Shutdown" feature and not the "WoL speed link" feature.

Windows 11 64bit

Intel(R) Ethernet Controller (3) I225-V (I have a wired connection)

Gigabyte Auros Pro B660M DDR4

In the BIOS there isn't an explicit setting for WoL. I did disable all ASPM settings, as I got to understand that they might interfere with WoL. Also, in the Windows power managment settings, I disabled ASPM for PCIe.

Everything I see in the Advanced settings of the network card related to WoL is on, except for the missing settings of course. ARP offload is also on, and if needed, I will list every setting value, and attach BIOS settings pictures.

Fast boot is off too.



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    Same problem here running Windows 10, 32-bit version of Teamviewer. I have 3 computers on the LAN and two of them seem to behave. These are laptops. My third computer is a desktop with multiple monitors and it nearly always shows to be online when it is actually in sleep mode. Occasionally it will show to be off line and the "wake" button will appear and I can wake it up. But once I put it back in standby, Teamviewer shows it to be online under "My Managed Devices". Under "My Computers" it shows it to be off-line. However, the Wake button that appears under "My Computers" will not work. All my settings in Teamviewer are the same across all computers and I have not been able to get the desktop to work right. I'm using the free version and think this is a problem that Teamviewer will eventually cure. In the meantime I have been using a free Microsoft app that will let you wake any computer on your LAN.

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    Update: I got the Teamviewer app to be "synchronized" to detect when my PC is on/off, probably by changing some network adapter settings. Still can't wake up the computer when it is in sleep mode.