I'm looking for a consistent way to instruct users on installing and allowing me to remote.

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With the new UI interface I have run into a number of issues while attempting to guide users on how to setup TeamViewer to allow me to remote into their systems for support.

This has led to wasted time and effort just trying to get a remote session created when I already have a product/ support issue to address.

Is there a clear set of instructions I can give a user to follow which will provide a consistent and easy way for our users to download, setup, and communicate to me the information I need to access their PC remotely?

Honestly, the old version which displayed the user ID and password on the first window was super fast and convenient. It seems now that my users see different options from what I see, and from user-to-user which makes trying to guide them difficult.

Help with this would be hugely useful in my day-to-day work and appreciated.



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    I figured out a good solution for those who may be struggling as I had been.

    In our TeamViewer management console I was able to select "Design & Deploy" and create a "Quick Support" module.

    This module can be branded and customized for my company and for me as a support tech. I then provide my users with the link to download a small module which provides a quick easy connection for them to allow me remote access.

    I branded my QuickSupport console with our company logo and it emails me a link to join the session once the user installs the module.

    You can also simply have your user download the QuickSupport module directly as one of the TeamViewer download options. This will give them an ID and password to give you, much like the old UI.

    I hope this helps those who have struggled adapting to the new UI.