Can't connect to XP via TV14.2

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I'm a licens user, and I use a win10 with TV15 (new version) and I try to connect to a XP SP3 32 bit with TV14.2. The TV on the XP says that it ready to connect and it also states both "Your ID" and a "password". I have added the XP as a remote computer in my contact, and here it also indicates that the XP is online. When I try to connect to the XP, it doesn't even indicate an "incoming call", and eventually my TV15 says that the remote computer isn't connected to the server (connection timed out). I have try to switch off all virus and firewall programs on the XP, but nothing helps. I have seen this in the past, but haven't been able to solve the problem, so any help would be appreciated


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    Hello @KKN_KVM,

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    The connection issue could possibly happen when TeamViewer is not connecting to the server during the remote connection. I would suggest restarting TeamViewer services on both sides and trying again for the remote connection as the basic troubleshooting steps, please.

    Kindly keep me posted about your progress and I hope to hear some positive updates from you!



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    Thanks for the reply - went to the remote computer today, and performed the restart of the Teamviewer service, but unfortunately it didnt help at all