Black screen on Mac while while playing movies and using Teamviewer remote

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If I connect using TViewer to a Mac, while the Mac is using streaming services like Apple TV or Google TV, the movie window is blacked out on both the Mac itself, and on the movie window in TViewer. Even more odd; the captions show, but not the movie itself.

I can understand it being black in TViewer, as there is probably not enough bandwidth to remotely display a live movie stream. But it also blacking out the movie window on the Mac itself was rather confusing.


  • Fresergem
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    I'm no tech expert, but it sounds like a bandwidth issue, as you mentioned. Streaming services tend to hog up a lot of bandwidth, and maybe TeamViewer just can't keep up with the data flow, resulting in the black screens. It's a bummer, especially if you're trying to catch up on some movies remotely.