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I have paid for single user Team Viewer Remote. In the older version (Classic), customer provides his Team Viewer Id and password and I just put that in and connect.

How do I do that in the Remote version? Do I add customer Team Viewer Id as a device? The only place I see it is shown in Screenshot1.jpg. The most frustrating thing is, the screen attached does not show any recent connections 80% of the time when I check. So, I have no idea where to start.

I have checked your videos, does that mean I have to create a session and send invitation to my customer or do I need my customer to install Team Viewer Host instead of their server?


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    By the way, Version 14 has TeamViewerPortable that show the same way of working. I cannot find Version 15 TeamViewerPortable for download.

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    Hi @SHUser,

    The best way to proceed will depend on how you support your customer.

    For the devices you are connecting to regularly, we recommend these steps:

    📄 Connect to a remote device (unattended access)

    If you are connecting to different devices every time, we recommend these steps:

    📄 Create and join a remote session (attended access)

    Let me know if you have any further questions! I'll be happy to assist.


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