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[Windows] v15.42.6

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Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.42.6

Release date: 2023-05-30


  • The prompt for confirmation workflow has been improved. After clicking the connect button, the expert is notified that they must wait for confirmation from the remote participant.

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  • nexusmigrate
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    It's almost like you don't read the comments. Several updates later and it's still a nightmare to use. Please see my previous comments.

    The main feature of TeamViewer is to connect to other clients from an MSP (Managed Service Provider) point of view. However, the new preview version makes using this feature more challenging than ever. When opening the preview version (15.41.0), I'm presented with a view where the shortcut to enter a TeamViewer ID (TV ID) is displayed as Ctrl + K. However, this shortcut doesn't work until you have clicked on the TeamViewer window. Even after alt-tabbing away and back, I still need to click the window before the keyboard shortcut becomes available. This lack of user-friendliness is quite frustrating.

    Furthermore, we now need to type "/connect " in the search box before we can start typing the unique TV ID of the thousands of machines we support. Since having a directory of all the machines we look after is impossible, this is our only way of connecting to a machine. In the past, when the client you developed attracted millions of users, the process was much simpler:

    1. Open the TeamViewer app (the app automatically put the cursor in the connect textbox, ready for you to fill in the TV ID).
    2. Enter the TV ID and click connect.

    Now, with the preview version, we have to go through the following steps:

    1. Open the TeamViewer app.
    2. Click the search box, as it isn't automatically selected. (Ctrl + K can also do this, but not without clicking the window first.)
    3. Type "/connect" and then the TV ID.

    An additional step is now required, and it seems unnecessary.

    Surely, there must be a UI expert at TeamViewer who can come up with something better than this atrocity. If this was the UI from day one of TeamViewer's existence, I don't think the company would still be around today.

  • JeanK
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    Hello @nexusmigrate,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to elaborate on the pain points you are experiencing with the new interface.

    I have forwarded to the respective team both points you mentioned about the extra steps that you have now to do.

    The feedback will be considered for future updates.


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