TeamViewer Tensor 15 installer only sometimes asks me to add to my account

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I am installing my freshly built installer from design and deploy. I find about 50% of the time the popup asking if I want to add to my account shows up. Its super annoying. Before tensor is was all good for years. I'm installing on Windows Server 2022. Is there a parameter or other way I can force the association with my account ?




  • mattyn
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    Why is the new version of Team viewer so bad ? I dont understand how and why a product can be ruined so completely.


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    Hello @mattyn,

    Thank you for your message. 🙌

    As a Tensor customer, you shouldn't have access to the new interface and be running on the old interface once you sign in with your account.

    Are you seeing the new interface when signed with your Tensor account?


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