Why is the "Device Description Permissions" a device-only permission ?

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I was looking for giving my admins the permission to edit the description of a device because on the new version : there's a new tab with the description that shows up after selecting the device and I thought it looks cool.

I found out the official documentation mentioned that :

Device Description Permissions

  • Allows the manager to enter additional information in a text box when editing the device.

📌Note: This permission must be set for each device individually.

I thought it was okay since I could just select all my devices and change this permission for all at once.

It was before I discovered that there's no "select all" button on the admin tab. you have to check EVERY . SINGLE . DEVICE one by one (we have more than 200 devices)

who made this choice ? who **bleep** wants to have granularity on devices description permission ? why not at least make this a device group permission ?

Is there any other way or is it another cool feature we're paying for that we won't use since it's **bleep** to configure ?

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    We have the same exact issue. I don't understand why the "Manager" Role can do everything except the device description.

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    Yeah, I am rebuilding our installs and am noticing the device description and Easy Access permissions are not setting at the device level, and there is nowhere to set these to be the default. I am really not liking the new way things are being done. Granularity is great, but not when it's left as a device by device thing with no way to set it at a group/policy level. Right now the tedium is on par with the granularity and it is very user antagonistic.

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    Same problem.

    We don't understand the reason and logic why we can't assign a description to the devices.

    I could do virtually any "harm" within the platform, but don't I have the right to write a trivial description?

    It seems really absurd to me.

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    Same issue. Even unable to change for singel machine. Always could make comment in the devices properties earlier.


    Device Management

    Manager Administration


    Device Administration


    Policy Administration


    Device Description Permissions


  • URAverageITEngineer

    This is still an issue. A real pain too. We are migrating to Group based permissions and this is the only thing that requires individual manager assignment in order to work.

    Please developers change this so we can assign groups the ability to edit device settings rather than assign managers to thousands of devices individually. Makes no sense why they wouldn't include this.

    Please make this a group based assigned permission.

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    Any news on this? TeamViewer Support team, could you please chime in? We are no Lewis Hamilton nor ManU players but thought maybe we are important enough since we paid our invoices?

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    This is so dumb. Teamviewer is such garbage now.

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    Of all the **bleep** things that TeamViewer does this might be the worst. This product is a dumpster fire ever since migrating to Device Groups