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I installed the Teamviewer app and I was able to use the new interface. After a restart, the tool opened in the old interface, and it was not possible to toggle to the new interface because the option is not available. I even can't activate te option for the new interface in my options. In the web browser version, I can use the new interface. Can you advice me how to change between interfaces in the application? Thx in advance.


  • JeanK
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    Hello @Sokar1be,

    Thanks a lot for posting here!

    Currently, the new interface is not available for Tensor customers.

    This is why you can't toggle back to the new interface.

    We are working to make the new interface available for Tensor customers as soon as possible!

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.


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    Yes, the same thing happened to us. We upgraded to tensor yesterday.

    I saw the new interface with the tensor branding for a short time, but then when an update, it moved us back to the older interface.

    We were getting the hang of the new interface; when will it get released for tensor? @JeanK

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    Same thing, I somehow got it installed with the new interface, yes Tensor, and wanted to compare UI's so I toggled back to old interface and now can't get the new one back lol.

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    To follow up, I uninstalled and reinstalled and was able to get the new interface back

  • JeanK
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    Hi all,

    We are working on additional enhancements for large-scale environments and therefore will make the new UI available for you later this year.

    Given the large user and device bases Tensor customers usually have, we pay close attention to the user experience when both UIs are available for the Tensor environment.

    As a Tensor license administrator, you will have the option to choose for yourself and your users which UI will be displayed in the client later this year.

    If you want to test the new UI with Tensor, you can use our web app via

    However, we suggest waiting until all enhancements are in place later this year.

    I hope this could answer your questions and concerns!

    If not, feel free to reach out!


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  • "enhancements are in place later this year"

    Hi. How is this progressing?