Why does teamviewer keep uninstalling itself on Unattended computers

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I can reinstall and within 1 day all of our users desktop service stops and the software uninstalls requiring re installation.



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  • lasdijfpkjsdfka
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    Having the same problem, this morning instead of the unattended computers it was my computer for the first time. Checked my antivirus to make sure it didn't delete it, checked the system and it still shows as installed, but if you try to run it the program can't be found.

    No windows updates last night so I know it wasn't a windows update.

    I'm left with no other explanation than it has to be Teamviewer pushing automatic updates to the software, the update fails and kills the function of the program.

    The search for a new program is starting, this is unacceptable for it to continue going on for so long without resolution. Have a few months left on my term, over a decade of paid use, time to go since they won't keep this software functioning that we pay for.

  • hetzelt
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    I'm having the same issue and support doesn't seem to acknowledge this problem.

  • juliaC
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    No fix for this?