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Hi All,

I've found a few little bugs with team viewer including their support which I've never needed in the past but this new version is driving me insane with how different to the old version it is. My biggest problem for now is when I add a device, I can't find a way to save the password of the device so that each time I connect, I don't have to remember and enter the password manually.

I've also had issue with the 2FA, the chat bot, the device management as in moving a device if added to the wrong group, the method to connect with the new version how I send a link to allow me into the other persons machine. I have always used it in the reverse where I send my info to allow someone into my machine when I need support. now the method is opposite where I send a link to gain access to their machine or I have to click an option to use the "old method". Why can't I send a link to create a session for someone to access my machine?

Anyway, getting off track 😅. I'm really just after how I save the password for a device if someone can help?

Thank you 😊


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    Nor how to see that password in an old device - this is beyond ridiculous, how much loss of function this new version has brought!

    I read all the migrations stuff, but the option is mysteriously not there... ?

    Fail version; please revert TV team!