TeamViewer want CONSTRUCTIVE Feedback on the new version - then make it easy for us to give.

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@Nadin_W and anyone else actually listening.

TeamViewer staff have explicitly told me they are disregarding all "feedback" that is just negative comments about the new version.

I know in the past nothing has happened with the hours of highly constructive feedback I've provided. In the past, I've spent significant time creating mockups of minor changes to the old interface that would have reduced clicks and effectively used white space in the interface to make it more efficient. If implemented, these changes would have saved me (and others) a lot of time over a year. But I wouldn't even get a response from TeamViewer.

"Apparently" that's all changing; if it's constructive feedback TeamViewer have told me they'll take it onboard, and they're apparently very invested at the moment in reviewing the feedback. I hope that's true, but at the same time, it's also a sad indictment of the culture of the company and how they took feedback from their customers previously.

But, if TeamViewer actually want constructive feedback, how about you make it easy for us to provide that, e.g. the feedback box only allows a maximum of 500 characters.

So, today I got to write this before being told I'd exceeded the 500 characters:

Given the number of complaints that are occurring on the new interface this 500 character limit is ridiculous. Even in the old interface, trying to constrain constructive feedback to 500 characters when you're trying to explain problems is hard. Five hundred characters only takes about 500 bytes of data; this limit is INSANE!!!!

If you truly want constructive feedback on the new version, make it easy for your clients to provide it.

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    Hello @TeeC,

    I am a bit hesitant to say it, but still: Thank you for your feedback!

    We are very sorry to hear how you feel.

    Please know that we are not disregarding negative feedback. However, it is very important for us to get very precise and accurate feedback so that we can understand your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. For example, there might have been cases when we received feedback like OMG - this is TERRIBLE without any further information. Those cases make it hard for us to understand what exactly the problem is. 

    We highly appreciate and thank you that you have taken so much time and effort to provide us with your feedback in the past. May I ask on which channel you sent us the feedback and maybe you can provide me with a ticket ID or the email address you used for it? I would be happy to check what happened with your feedback.

    Of course, with the release of TeamViewer Remote we are currently monitoring our users' feedback very intensively. But still

    we value everyone's feedback about TeamViewer: in the past, now, and in the future. 

    Please be assured that we will forward your feedback regarding the minimum of 500 characters for the feedback box internally to the dedicated team. Since I can not tell if or when it will be possible to increase the number of characters, please use also our Ideas Hub, our Community Forum, or our ticket system for customers to share your detailed feedback with us.

    We know that feedback from our users is vital to us and we are looking forward to receiving more from your side.

    Have a great day!


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