Multiple TeamViewer Sessions on the same Windows Terminal Server at the same time

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Good Morning!

Is it possible to start multiple TeamViewer sessions simultaneously on the same windows terminal server?

The goal is to connect to the server via rdp with one user for each service provider and then let the service provider access the server via TeamViewer.

In my tests so far this does not seem to be possible, i tried to start TeamViewer in the context of 2 different users at the same time but i could only access one session at a time, i could not connect to the other session.

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    Hello again,

    I was wrong, it seems to work after all!

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    Good morning @Adrixvdb,

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    We're happy to read that you could achieve what you wanted to do with TeamViewer 🙂

    Please find here our article about Windows servers, just in case: 📄 Use TeamViewer (Classic) on Windows servers

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