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I want to check my file transfer history

Good morning
I just received remote assistance from a friend.
I think I took my file.

Can I check my file transfer history from my logs?
This is my log.

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  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 229 ✭✭

    I have a paid license and I have had support tickets with this exact issue.

    If someone connects to my computer and downloads a file, my logs show very little. The easiest thing to spot is when the file transfer closes. But on the remote computer, their log will show the full path of the file that was downloaded.

    If you are running version 12, a window may open with a log of the files that were viewed and downloaded. Once this window is closed, the information is gone. It doesn't exist in the main log.

    Unless you NEED to have file transfer enabled, I recommend turning it off. Personally I don't think the should be on by default.

    Options > Advanced > Access Control : Custom Settings > Configure > Transfer Files : After Confirmation or Denied

    I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
  • "Once this window is closed, the information is gone. It doesn't exist in the main log."

    Yes apparently I confirm this and it's really not cool. In fact I forgot to block file transfer while I gave access to my machine to someone and I know he opened file transfer because I was warned about it when I closed his session. But I did close the Filetransfer EventLog too fast and so I don't know if he actually downloaded something or not ...

    This should really be in the log file!