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Team Viewer Getting Stuck at "Authenticating..."

I am trying to connect to a remote computer for file transfer. When I try to connect, the status gets stuck at "Authenticating..." for about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, after this prologed wait, I get a message reading, "The password you have entered is invalid, please try again." I have tried logging on to the same remote computer with two of my systems, one on Mac and one on Windows 7 but getting the same problem. Mysteriously, on one occasion, I was able to connect to the same remote computer by cancelling passwordd promt. It seems like a bug to me. Details below are provided for the Windows 7 version of Team viewer: My Team Viewer Version: 12.0.82216 OS: Windows 7


  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 226 ✭✭

    Is the remote computer set to confirm connections? You may be stuck at authentication because there is a prompt on the remote computer waiting for approval.

    Options > Advanced > Access Control 

    Access ControlAccess ControlMay also want to confirm there aren't any settings under white and black list that may be giving you problems.

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  • vikrant
    vikrant Posts: 3

    Hi, Thanks for your prompt resposne. I don't think this is the issue, howeer, I have asked my friend (on the partner computer) to double check his settings. 

  • vikrant
    vikrant Posts: 3

    Nope, the settings are fine. There is no prompt wating at my friends computer. and there is nothing in the black or white lists. I am able to connect to another system fine.