The problem of taking care of existing customers - Issue with the New Pro license

Ken555 Posts: 1
edited July 2023 in Licensing

I paid [pricing information removed per Community Guidelines] on 7/5/2023 to get the premium license. with 1 connection and 300 managed device.

To my surprise, Teamviewer rolled out the new Pro license with [pricing information removed per Community Guidelines] per use (2000 managed device) recently.

Basically, the pro license is almost 50% cheaper than the premium license I paid.

I called the custom support and tried to ask them if I can migrate my premium license to 2 pro license and pay the difference [pricing information removed per Community Guidelines]. They said I can't do that.

So I am stuck in the highly priced premium license for 1 year.

Think this way: if you buy a car today, and 2 weeks later, the price of a new/better car with the same model cut to 50% of what you get. What would you think?

When I asked the question to the Teamviewer support, the rep told me that it is like a phone plan subscription, the phone company can change the price at any time. Yes, that's true, but a phone company won't reduce the price for 50% without allowing the old customer to migrate to the new plan for the lower price.

The way Teamviewer handles old customers in the license pricing is totally unacceptable. The new pricing plan hurt existing customers' benefit.

 I hope this can be resolved soon.