How to disable the prompt "please wait for your partner to confirm the request" with Full Access


I am writing to bring to your attention an issue with my Corporate license for TeamViewer, which I use to manage and support several servers with unattended access.

Since the beginning of this week, I have encountered a problem where it prompts the partner to accept my connection, despite having FULL ACCESS set on both ends.

This unexpected behaviour is causing disruption in my remote management activities.

I kindly request your assistance in investigating and resolving this matter promptly. Your attention to this issue would be highly appreciated.



  • RCB1
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    edited September 2023

    As of today, I am also having this same issue, I urgently need to remote into a system at another location and now cannot do so.

    I had set a personal password on the remote computer and remote access was fine, then this message appeared, now have to wait for someone at that location to grant me access when the business opens on the next business day, absolutely ridiculous...

    Far from happy!!