Improve TeamViewer version notification and update from WITHIN app

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Hi guys,

I can see so much effort has gone into this newer interface, which is great... but I have found some important oversights: WHERE IS THE USER'S ABILITY TO (A) KNOW IF THE VERSION IS THE MOST UP TO DATE AND THEN (IF NECESSARY) TO (B) UPDATE THE VERSION OF TEAMVIEWER FROM WITHIN THE PROGRAMME ?

Bizarrely, the way I know that TeamViewer has an update is from a 3rd party app that checks all my programmes/apps for reasons of security... as we all know, out of date apps is a security risk + will likely reduce the quality of the user's experience.

But here in TeamViewer, it seems to be impossible to do. Yes, I can find the version.... (hidden away in Help)... but then I don't know if the version I have is the updated one, nor do I have the ability to check for updates, nor do I have the ability to update to the new version. Nor is my desktop app flagged automatically if the version I have is NOT the most up to date. All of these are VERY standard in the modern UI world. But not here in TeamViewer ? I find that strange as you guys have done such a great job elsewhere....

Actually, and this is another big oversight: I do not even know what type/version of TeamViewer I have installed on my pc !!! Again, this would seem important to have indicated, clearly.... Is it the QuickSupport, Full Client, Host ??? I only know from guessing by its level of functionality !! It would really help users if there had a clear indication... right at the top, for example, that said clearly which version type we were using. This is also important if offering help to others (e.g. as I do to my parents...)

These would seem simple enough to fix.... but very important.

Thanks for listening - and for an otherwise great product.

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  • HowieC42
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    The only way I have been able to get/install updates, is to go to the old interface. Will this ever be fixed?