Sound lowering when connecting to client.

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Im using Teamviewer´s daily for my support work.

I also use a MiCC Agent softphone application.

When in an active call and i connect to a users computer the volume of their voice goes from loud and clear hearing to about 10% in volume and i need to really concentrate and focus on the users voice to overall hear them.

I have followed the other examples on this site such as Sound control -> "Do Nothing" and there was a change for about 1 day until restart of the computer.

After the restart of my computer the sound settings remain on "do nothing" but the issue has come back.

I tried having a youtube video going while connecting to a users computer and experincing the same lowering of the sound on my end.

I chatted with the Micc Agent support and they can see no issue regarding their application.

Is there another solution than the picture below?

Im unable to change "Audio Confrencing" settings but seen from other community questions i can see that doesnt change the issue long term and is only a temporary day to day solution.

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