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No connection with partner

I allow myself to write to you because for several days I can no longer access one of my partners [ID removed by moderator] because I get the following message:
"No connection with partner [ID removed by moderator]!
Your partner's evaluation license has expired. Because your business partner using TeamViewer, one of you (one of the connection partners) must have a valid TeamViewer license. "

I happen to be using TeamViewer exclusively for my personal use and the partner is my NAS server in my home.

Could you tell me how to correct this?

Thank you in advance for your answer.



Je me permets de vous écrire car depuis plusieurs jours je ne peux plus accéder à l'un de mes partenaires [ID removed by moderator] car j'obtiens le message suivant : 
"Aucune connexion avec le partenaire [ID removed by moderator]!
La licence d'évaluation de votre partenaire de connexion a expiré. Etant donné que votre partenaire de connexion à recours à une utilisation commerciale de TeamViewer, un d'entre vous (un des partenaires de connexion) doit avoir une licence TeamViewer valide."

Or il se trouve que j'utilise TeamViewer exclusivement à titre personnel et le partenaire concerné est mon serveur NAS à mon domicile.

Pourriez-vous m'indiquer comment corriger cela ?

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.



  • LouiseJ1
    LouiseJ1 Posts: 1

    After numerous attempts of restalling and uninstalling Team Viewer on my laptop at home - I finally got the free licence for non-commercial use, however the partner computer I need to connect to says that it the trial licence of my connection partner has expired. As your connection partner uses Teamviewer commercially, either one of you needs a valid TeamViewer licence. My partner computer does not use Team viewer commercially. It is for personal and intermittant use only and its really frustrating that I am unable to partner my laptop at home with the computer it needs to. I have raised tickets to get the partner ID reset but it says to allow 30 days for a response to have it reset. I need help ASAP please.

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