Ubuntu 22.04 missing framebuffer /dev/fb0

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I have a Rapsberry Pi4 with kernel 5.15.0-1035-raspi and installed Ubuntu 22.04 server 64bit (aarch64) (headless).

I install teamviewer-host as described in: https://community.teamviewer.com/English/kb/articles/6318-install-teamviewer-classic-on-linux

During installation I get the message: "The framebuffer console seems to be unavailable or has the wrong format. Please make sure that /dev/fb0 is accessible and it is configured to 32-bit depth."

The teamviewer-host service runs without errors. On my remote system I see that the teamviewer-host is online. Set up a connection failed with the error "Partner did not connect to router".

I try to solve with the sollution in post https://community.teamviewer.com/English/kb/articles/109391-fix-connectivity-issues-partner-did-not-connect-to-router

The problem is that the system is headless and missing the monitor /dev/fb0.

So i want make a virtual frame buffer as described in https://community.teamviewer.com/English/kb/articles/4352-install-teamviewer-classic-on-linux-without-graphical-user-interface

It doesn't work. I don't get the /dev/fb0. Could someone help me out?

When I connect a physical monitor I see /dev/fb0 and it is possible to set up a teamviewer session.