Who is the "one additional manager"?

I have TeamViewer set up to allow Easy Access to myself (named) and it says in the settings "one additional manager".

As far as I'm aware I have only set up myself as a manager of this computer. How do I find out who it thinks the additional manager is?

Also, the checkbox is greyed out so I can't disallow Easy Access. Should I be worried?


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    That is a fine question!

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    Hi @sue1201,

    Great to see you visiting and posting in the TeamViewer Community!

    The manager definition leads to the device group manager, which you are able to look up in TeamViewer Management Console then go to Device Groups, look for the particular device by the device name or device ID, select Edit (pencil✏) for Device Properties, then click on Manager to check for the list of the managers of the device group.

    In the case you would like to delete the managers after checking the manager's list, kindly select the manager's name and then go with the Remove(🗑).

    Can you try and keep me posted if the information above helps you.



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    Hi @Ying_Q

    Thank you for your help.

    I have done as you suggested, and this is what I see:

    So apparently only myself as user.

    BUT in my TeamViewer app, I still see this at the bottom right:

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    So any further suggestions?

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    The same thing has happened to me. I suspect someone hacked the PC and added themselves as a manager to Team Viewer for easy remote access.