adding additional servicecamp employees is not possible

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Solved: The new employee has to use another tab for creating a new account. This is really user friendly.


We are trying to add an additional servicecamp employee (no customer) for working on incoming service tickets.

The new employee is greyed out in administration. When the employee gets the invitation mail with an included link, the login screen for Servicecamp appears when clicking the link.

The login cannot be done by the new employee, because he doesn't have the password for getting in. He cannot use the function "I forgot my password", because an account doesn't exist.

Do you have a hint for what has to be done for solving this dead lock?


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    I am having the same issue. the new agent gets the link to login but a password can't be entered because it is the first time logging in. The password reset is sdupposed to sent an e-mail link to change their password but they never get that e-mail.

    How do I get this agent set up?

    This is a real issue.