API Key is NOT visible for newly created host


An API key is not visible anywhere for any host we have created. Thus we are unable to deploy the MSI via GPO. All we can see is the configuration ID.

I read all the documentation and forum threads but there was no actually working solutions on how to make it appear. Please assist!


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    If I understand how its working correctly (It seems to be working for me now) its because of the new enrollment process. Its a bit convoluted and not explained well. This is the PS code i use to install and enroll Hosts. This is with Assignment and use Managed Group Assignment unchecked, and then they enroll into the Managed Group, its **bleep** backward but works. You do the assignment in the Assignment tab of the Design and Deploy to get your AssignmentID. I dont know why they designed it this way because its incredibly confusing with how they have things labeled and named on those toggles, to use the managed groups, you have to turn off use managed groups lol?

    # Installs

    Start-Process msiexec.exe -ArgumentList "/i", "TeamViewer_Host.msi", "/qn", "/norestart", "/l*v $installLogpath", "CUSTOMCONFIGID=$configID", "ENABLEOUTLOOKPLUGIN=false" -Wait

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 30

    Get-Process -Name msiexec | Stop-Process -Force

    # Assigns to account

    Start-Process $teamViewerEXE -ArgumentList "assignment", "--id $assignmentID", "--retries=3", "--timeout=120" 

    If you dont want to use the managed groups, try the toggles like the attached screenshot, i've still got the API showing on my old Host deployment.