I just bought and activated TeamViewer but can't use it

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I just spent over [Removed as per Community Guidelines] on buying a TeamViewer licence. I then followed the instructions to activate it. This appeared to go smoothly.

However when I open TeamViewer:

(1) In the heading up the top it still refers to my being a FREE user.

(2) When I go to sign in using the e-mail address and password I set up at purchase, a window appears with the heading "Computers & Contacts - Error" and the message "This account has been created via a social media provider. Please sign in via the associated media provider".

(3) I can proceed no further!

My Invoice No is [Removed as per Community Guidelines]. I need a refund if this is not resolved quickly. Please help.


  • AlisonR
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    It's Alison, the original poster again.

    Can someone please let me know how I should proceed to get a refund for a TeamViewer product which I find is impossible to use, and for which no telephone or e-mail help is available to enable me to resolve the problem?

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    Hi @AlisonR,

    Thank you for posting in the Community! We are sorry that you experienced some issues with TeamViewer.

    According to the information you have provided in the post, the license activation on TeamViewer Remote Access is slightly different from the other TeamViewer licenses, and I believe this Knowledge Article will do the needful to help you out - Activate and set up your Remote Access license. ⚠Important note: Currently, Google and Microsoft accounts are only compatible for personal use. If you purchased a license, please activate it on a standard TeamViewer account which is linked to an e-mail address.

    For further help and communication, you can always look for the TeamViewer Support Team to assist you. You may find the contact information on our Support page.

    I really hope that you are able to use TeamViewer as expected and let me know if I may help you with any other questions.

    Wish you a nice day!



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