Connection fails from TeamViewer 14(14.7.48671) to TeamViewer 14 Host(14.7.1965.0)

I'm trying to connect from TeamViewer 14 (14.7.48671) to TeamViewer 14 Host(14.7.1965.0)   and I'm getting a message Version out-of-date: Update the remote TeamViewer. I tried to downgrade the connecting TeamViewer to 13, 12, 11, but I'm still getting the same error. what should I do?



  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @watchdmitry,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community and thanks for your question!

    TeamViewer's previous versions just accept remote connections from users with a TeamViewer license.

    I hope it helps! Please let us know if we can help you any further. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

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