Impossible open a ticket

How open a ticket? I'm trying to contact TV but it seems impossible. I have the "The maximum number of installation movements are exceeded" issue, and want to contact them, but each time I select open a ticket, I'm redirected to a new page that starts showing quite st*pid messages and after some time, it stops with a login error and does not allows me to log with my TV credentials.

Any dumb-people way to open a ticket?



  • Ying_Q
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    Hello @rfog,

    Thank you for posting in the TeamViewer Community!

    For submitting a support ticket to the support team, the licensed TeamViewer account should be used all the time. Can you kindly check if you have used the licensed account to sign in please.

    If you prefer to have a direct call with the support team for the moves reset request, feel free to call in during the business hours and they are happy to assist.

    We appreciate your patience on trying contact the support team and hope you get the moves reset done quickly.



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