I cant find how to change a new clients id to their name

I'm using the new interface and when I log into a new clientadd a new client's id ( i still log new users with their id and password as its much quicker than the email idea) I cant seem to find how to change it to their name so that I can easily find them again. it was very simple in the old teamviewer but now I cant seem to do it.

also nothing has shown in my Recent connections box. is that because I'm not connecting with the email link??

I'm very tempted to swap back to the old interface as it was much easier to use


  • apkbark
    apkbark Posts: 1 Newbie

    @Nikki47 In the new TeamViewer interface, changing a client's ID to their name can be a bit tricky. You might not see recent connections if you're not using the email link. Consider checking the TeamViewer documentation for specific steps or switching back to the old interface if it better suits your needs for quickly identifying clients by name.