Can a Free local account connect to remote computer with Paid license?

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This used to work, but now I get booted off. My customer has several computers, and has them all in a paid license. I have a free account, and check on them once in a while. Since one of the computers in the connection is paid, why am I getting disconnected?


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    Hi @andrewjohnson ,

    Thanks for your question and welcome to our Community!

    Some licenses in the past had the activation linked directly with the device ID causing the behavior you described above possible. However, the newer licenses have a much more secure system for our clients where the license is now linked with the TeamViewer account instead of the ID.

    Due to this change, the account that starts the remote connection must be the one with the license. The partner who just received the connection doesn't need to have a license.

    Regarding personal use, TeamViewer allows our users to connect with their family and friends; but, connections to commercial environments require a license and this action can cause TeamViewer to flag the device ID with Commercial use. At the moment, it's not possible to use the same device for both personal and commercial use.

    To know more about commercial use suspected and why it occurs please check this discussion.

    I hope this information can help you! 🍀

    Let us know if we can clarify any further questions. 🙋‍♀️

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    If I understand correctly, this is a fairly significant change by TeamViewer, that "the account that starts the remote connection must be the one with the license". It really should be made clear in all materials.

    In my case, yes, this is for my support of a customer of mine. But they purchased the correct license for the number of computers they want to make available, and they will never need to connect to my computer. Since one side of the connection is paid/licensed, why can't the connection to their computers be from a free account? TeamViewer have received their money already.

    Perhaps there is a way for my connections to their machines to continue from a free account, as I have no use of TeamViewer except to connect to their computers occasionally. Please help us find a way through this.

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    Hi @andrewjohnson ,

    Thanks for the additional questions, and I understand your frustration.

    👉 When connecting to a partner device that is being used for business purposes this will trigger TeamViewer to suspect about commercial intent. Because it seems that your device has already been flagged, it's advised to send the reset form. But moving forward, you will need to consider connecting to a device your partner uses only for personal purposes, or contacting our sales team to check if there is any plan that can cover your needs.)

    Elaborating with a bit more details on what is considered a commercial environment:

    • Any business location that provides service (such as an office, an industry, a restaurant, a school, a university, a lab, or a non-profit organization) or any device used for business purposes (such as a home computer that is used to work remotely) would be considered commercial use, and therefore, they can get flagged having their connectivity limited.
      • Sometimes TeamViewer incorrectly flags a device that is legit just being used for personal use (for example a home computer). For cases like this, it's possible to submit a reset form. Once your form is processed, TeamViewer won't limit your connectivity anymore.

    I hope this information can help you in some way. 🍀

    Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else.

    Best, Carol

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