HDR fix


One feature that needs to be added to Teamviewer is disabling HDR on connection. Now you can either just do this across the board for all systems or if possible have it only disable HDR if Teamviewer detects one of the parties doesn't have HDR. My 2023 gaming pc is connected to my main living room TV so if we are watching tv/movie whatever and I want to do something simple on the computer instead of interrupting what we are watching I connect using teamviewer on my 2014 gaming laptop which most certainly doesn't support HDR and it can be very hard to see what your doing especially light colours and white is whiter than white. So you have to disable HDR and remember to enable it after which gets annoying. Teamviewer already sets the computer you are connecting to's desktop black which helps with the connection particularly those with poor internet etc. The difference between HDR in and off as you will see below is stark it's very hard on the eyes and if you are dealing with a lot of white and faint coloured fonts it's very washed out and hard to read. So surely this is an easy fix.

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