Screen Resolution Issue With Latest TV Build


The remote PC that I am connecting to has a recoomended screen resolution set of 1920x1080.

When I click TV/View/Screen Resolution on my local PC it shows optimal resolution as 1920x1080.

But when I TV into remote PC from local PC and select Full Screen, I cannot get to the bottom of the desktop of the remote PC. If I Exit FullScreen I can just about get to a slider on RHS of remote desktop and slide down to the bottom.

So, although the remote is set to show 1920x1080 and TV is set to show 1920x1080, I am not seeing the full screen on the remote PC.

This was fine before I loaded the latest TV build. How can I fix?


  • cbjroms
    cbjroms Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have tried the View/Scaling and selected Best Fit.

    Now when I open the remote PC I can see the full desktop BUT there is a black border down left and right sides.

    When I select 'Enter Full Screen' I get a wider and taller view BUT cannot get down to the bottom of the desktop (there is no slider).